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Startup/ Small Industry - HR & Payroll Software Solutions

Startup/ Small Industry - HR & Payroll Solutions

Start-up/ small companies face many challenges when it comes to Human Resources. Lack of experience, knowledge and resources to handle the organisations are key reasons why the companies fail to perform to the desired expectations. Thus, it is necessary for the organizations to embrace the cutting-edge technological HR & Payroll Software solutions to build the present day corporate culture that help them to computerize all the work processes, payroll, recruitment and workforce management.

Additionally, the Human Resource management system coordinates different departments in the business association consequently helping the HR division to put all the different pieces of an organization together whist focusing more on providing efficient services to clients and service providers.

With UrHRM’s Cloud and Web-based HR & Payroll system installed, the start-up and small organizations can automate and deal with the core HR procedures of the organisation better. The software seamlessly allows the representatives to handle recruitment, onboarding, workforce management, compensation, real-time attendance tracking, employees salary calculation, worker’s database, etc., better.

Why UrHRM?

UrHRM is the best SAAS/ Cloud ERP solution to automate, track and manage the HR and Payroll process and workforce in Start-up/ small companies.

  • Employee Information System
    • Profile & Database Management
    • Performance Management
    • Healthcare & Benefits Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
    • Biometric Integration
    • Mobile App Attendance System
    • Excel Attendence System
    • Manual Attendance using screen
    • RFID Integration
    • Timesheet & Time Tracker
    • Shift Scheduling System
    • Leave Management
  • Salary & Payroll Management
    • Payroll Management System
    • Payslip Generator Tool
    • Appraisal & Compensation Management
    • Healthcare & Benefits Management
  • Recruitment Management
    • Application Tracking System
    • Online Test/Exam Management
    • Onboarding & Off-boarding
    • LMS & Training Management
  • Office Management System
    • Project Management System
    • Chat & Communication
    • Document Management
    • Help Desk & Ticketing
    • Online Survey & Quiz
  • Marketing Tools
    • Lead Management System
    • Field Employee GPS Tracking Tool
  • MIS, Analytics and Report
  • Employee Self-Service

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