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Easy communication among colleagues.


Employee Chat and Communication

Organizations require specialized and secure tools to keep employees in agreement continuously to direct day by day activities, work cooperatively, lead relevant conferences and real time conversations, or address earnest circumstances. These can be achieved using communication software.

The best online chat/ communication software gives users remote access to trade documents and messages in text, audio as well as video formats between various devices or clients. This incorporates unique document exchange broadcasts, group/ team chat and texting programs.

With UrHRM, organisations can ensure lucid internal communication among groups and teams whilst protecting themselves from expensive mistakes like missing due dates, wrong yields and befuddled desires. The application includes recording facility that keeps workers responsible to their undertakings. Remote groups stay associated through cell phones, so the workplace and field can rapidly organize every day and earnest undertakings.


  • Reduces the work of receptionist by automatically sorting and directing incoming calls to the ideal individual or division
  • Sophisticated audio and video conferencing highlight enables virtual interactions
  • Custom built live chat, email, messaging and file sharing features provides users with enough support to stay connected
  • Advanced document sharing facility enables users to exchange fax
  • Mobile Access provides portable experience
  • Record and backup calls, text messages and video conferences for further references
  • Cloud computing provides high security and safety while exchanging texts, recording and documents

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