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Create bulk offer letter for new hired workforce.


Offer Letter Generator

The Offer Letter Generator enables the HR personals to create a basic and short job offer document from a variety of templates, incorporated into the software, to guarantee that the hired candidate(s) has all the information necessary to acknowledge the role, position and, terms and conditions of company before stepping onboard.

The offer letter is a formal agreement offered from employer to employee to affirm they are offering a particular occupation in the company to the forthcoming representative. Thus, it is imperative for the organisations to format and structure a precise, clear and simple appointment letter that gives candidates full closure about his/her post in the organisation and the policies of the company.

A simple offer letter generally includes the job title of the candidate, HR policies of the company, yearly compensation, joining date, benefits, retirement records, etc. This gives the hired worker all the insight into the company as well as the vocation as an employee before opting the position.

UrHRM – HRMS Software – includes online offer letter generator which comprises different samples of offer letters templates for the organisations to format unique appointment letters, according to the company’s facilities and functioning, by simply utilising the predesigned layouts that include key details and sections regarding obligations, salary pay, benefits, working hours and work environment, occasions, notice period or contract length etc.

Features of Offer Letter Generator

  • Easy-to-use: simply enter the text into the predesigned templates
  • Editable and customizable
  • Choose from n-number of templates
  • Electronic signing facility
  • Online and cloud-based
  • Secure and confidential
  • Integrate with recruitment management
  • Generate and print the offer letter documents in PDF and Word formats
  • Share/ send the offer letter with the hired candidate online

How to Create Offer Letters in Bulk?

  1. Organise the data of candidates in Excel sheet
  2. Upload the Excel document online
  3. Select a suitable template
  4. Click Create
  5. Download the offer letters in PDF or Word formats

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