What is HR software?

HR Software is designed with an intent to encourage workers and administration perform at their maximum capacity by coordinating numerous management systems such as: Recruitment, On and Off Boarding, Workforce, Payroll, Database systems, etc.; and this can be actualized by any small business, start-ups, medium enterprises, restaurants, medical, healthcare, IT, software and many more organizations to support and enhance efficiency.

Organizations utilize Human Resources (HR) software to oversee workers and operations. HRIS streamlines and enhances HR administration capabilities to regularly simplify various procedures pertaining in the company with advancing ways. HR applications function admirably to ease business tasks and help organization best deal with the ability to keep workers upbeat and drive association towards profitability.

With many names such as Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resources Information System (HRIS); HR Software is a great and essential tool to run, simply and conduct day-to-day tasks of a company.

UrHRM HR software is all in one bound together, cloud-based arrangement dedicated to provide the best system which focuses on dependability, service and uniqueness. It is advance, simple-to-use, and an engineering marvel designed on Hire-to-retire philosophy. With UrHRM HR can centre around what they excel at every day, rather than spending profitable hours rounding out hills of structures or stressing around matters of trivial importance. In addition, the software includes highlights such as Employee Self-Service, Chat & Communication, Certification, Database Design, Shift Scheduling System, Payslip Generator Tool, ID card Generator and many more.

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Automate your HR operations

Automated HR software can spare an organization the inconvenience of re-appropriating procedures and, gives the organization more authority over hiring/ recruitment process, payroll, worker data, time and association. This can diminish the danger of entering and estimation blunders incredibly while making calculations.

Automation in UrHRM is the way toward improving the effectiveness of the HR division by liberating representatives from dreary manual work, and enabling them to centre around more complex, time-consuming and crucial tasks. Via automation associations can diminish the expense and time they spend on manual HR programs.

  • Improve productivity
  • Cut down capacity and printing costs related with paper-based handling
  • Grow organisation by proficiently hiring the best at ideal minimal expense
  • Avoid miscalculations, wrong entries and errors
  • Hire, train and retain skilled candidates automatically
  • Eliminate the risk of data by adopting cloud computing
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Easily Transform your Office into Paperless

The fundamental advantage of taking HR department paperless is one can decrease in general paper waste while sparing time and cash. Paper reams may not be the costliest item in association, yet it might be the most effortlessly avoided and updated.

  • Go Eco-friendly
  • Avoid risk of loss of data
  • Preserve and store information at a single centre
  • Eliminate paper forms and procedures
  • Communicate fast and quickly
  • Eliminates the cost of shredding services for paperwork containing sensitive information
  • 24/7 software support
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What's the price of HR Software?

The average price of a HR Software varies from $ 1 to $ 20 per employee and costs anywhere between $2,000 - $5,000 annually, depending upon HRMS Provider.

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