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Online Survey & Quiz Maker

Get to know your employees better. UrHRM facilitates HR division to fabricate multiple-choice-polls or surveys for workers in order to collect feedback and opinions on office matters. Employees can express their thoughts to convey wisdom by answering the poll/survey.

With UrHRM create polls and surveys for workers online to inform about marketing strategy and collect instant feedback to predict employee behaviour and opinions. The predesigned templates in the application simply HR work in managing and designing survey forms.

UrHRM is online cloud-based and welcomes respondents and customisation potential outcomes. What separates the application from rest is that it is more alluring regarding the look and feel of the overview. It likewise offers n-number of distinctive survey composes and templates that can be altered according to the client's requirements. Also, users can arrange their own overviews rapidly and effectively.

  • Completely Anonymous: Hides the identity of the participant/ employee, who attempts the survey
  • Multiple-choice Q&A and Open Comment facility
  • Seamlessly share and segregate results
  • Additionally, saves paper consumption
  • HR can conveniently run analytics and acquire good feedback insights
  • Questionnaires are easy and fast to prepare and distribute
  • Real time feedback tracking
  • Allow the use of images, videos and graphics for interactive questionnaire

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