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MIS, Analytics and Report

Dashboard and HR reports are an important part of managing Human Resources and very basic for decision making.

Reporting and analysis are HR's fundamental assignments. Normal reporting empowers HR to keep an eye on operations in the associations by monitoring key workforce measurements. New patterns and openings can be spotted right off the bat and developing issues can be tended to before they altogether affect the business. HR reports can illuminate directors about important advancements in group teams and office.

UrHRM HR Analyses and Report allows HR/ Managers/ Directors to increase noteworthy bits of knowledge and remain educated on what functions are admirable for the association and what measures are expected to drive organization forward.


  • Track association's performance against other competitive companies
  • Helps HR to review and retain high-value employees
  • Talent Optimization
  • Evaluate and solve issues prevailing in different departments
  • Get to know the factors which satisfy employees g
  • Acquire and provide information of various platforms in the organization
  • Better hiring decisions and procedures
  • Review and track employee performance
  • Acquire essential insights into HR, payroll and benefits spending
  • Assemble data in list, tabular and chart formats
  • Eliminate double data entry by syncing files to cloud
  • Maintain and record financial reports such as balance sheets, salary and compensation reports of employees
  • Conduct strategic workforce analytics

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