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Vacation & Leave Management

Leave Management is one of the least complex yet vital HR exercises that frequently devours a huge part of the HR’s hours. HR management need to guarantee consistence with leave arrangements, ensure the accessibility of adequate staff consistently, balances time-offs of staff and furthermore ensure that worker fulfillment is held.

Managing leave programs manually is costly and time-consuming thus, adapting to automated applications has proven to be effective.

Computerizing the leave administration process will dispose of monotonous HR procedures. UrHRM leave administration applications assists associations with speeding up development while decreasing time and costs.

The system is designed to automatically monitor workers leave requests and compare every request with the respective employees’ leave balances. The system is fabricated to track outstanding, approved and unapproved leave pleas.


  • Sanction leaves, time-offs and vacations automatically
  • Give workers and managers access to deal with leave requests
  • Consequently, generate employees leave slips, convey advances, and leave encashment
  • Manage employees leaves, number of leaves taken, leave patterns and adjusts
  • Multi-location management facility
  • Builds discipline in the organization
  • Time Saving
  • Access employee leave trends and data while approving or rejecting leave requests during important project

Key features in Employee Vacation & Leave Management System

  • Leave/Time-Off Tracking
  • Leave Calendar
  • Multi-location Management
  • Employee Leave Request
  • Leave Sanctions

Leave/Time-Off Tracking

With N-number of leave requests, confusion is bound to arise; granting time-offs to all the enlisted workers is reckless similarly, sanctioning leaves to random candidates is unwise.

UrHRM considers leave policies of organization, availability of alternative staff to replace personal on leave and accounts employee satisfaction to help HR management in approving leave; by displaying the leave eligible workers atop.

The application will naturally screen worker pleas and assess each demand against the representative leave adjusts. The framework will likewise keep a record and track all remaining, affirmed and unapproved leave request.

Leave Calendar

Efficiently organize adjournments and leave request of employees in a customized calendar using UrHRM. Filter reviewed, considered and sanctioned leave requests under different labels respectively. With UrHrm leave types can be added, altered or removed duly.

The application helps HR division in arranging and tracking employees' history on time-offs, granted and petitioned leaves into a single calendar.

Multi-location Management

Managing multiple branch offices using an Excel spread sheet to monitor everybody's leave times and dates can be hard. This can cause either under staffed or over staffed on occasion in the location. Online leave administration framework can be utilized to track all the representatives and their leave dates, which brings down the hazard that the location will have excessively couple of specialists on some random day.

Employee Leave Request

Leave requests enables workers to ask for different leaves according to their prerequisite abiding to HR policies extending from short leaves to long leave, sick leave to comp offs.

With UrHRM employees can see their past leave ask and current leave application status. Leave requests can be spared in the draft mode by the representative and then can be submitted to the announcing supervisor and the chain of importance for proper activity.

Leave Sanctions

HR division can review representative leave demands along with purpose behind leave, current leave balance and previous leaves.

UrHRM empowers HR with authority to grant or dismissing leave solicitations, likewise check other pending leaves in the division guaranteeing satisfactory headcount for ideal profitability arranging.

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