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Timesheet & Time Tracker

Employee Time Tracking Software is computerised version of conventional time sheets that helps to record time spent by workers on projects or office activities. Tracking time can build efficiency, improve productivity and enhance responsibility, as organizations can record and monitor their employees logins, logouts and time spent on assignments. The gathered information could be used by the HR divisions while evaluating performance reviews or while sanctioning leaves and vacations.

Traditional time recording method involved timesheets, where employee had to punch in his/ her entry and exit timings. This method is criticised for having prone to the risk of manipulation, proxy and false entries. These risk factors would obstruct progress of a company. Thus, to resolve such problems automation is being suggested and implemented.

UrHRM Employee Time Tracking Software is cloud based computerized online framework outlined effectively to record attendance of representatives and help HR organization to spare costs on convenient work. Automation tracks employees working hours, leave adjusts, time-offs, vacation, and so forth., and gives HR adequate reports while calculating salary, employee reviews and appraisals. With the system, any organisation (maybe small business or big) can automate attendance of their employees. The application is cloud based which means storage of information and data is made easy with high security and no risk of loss of data.


  • Time Tracking Software encourages to advance the work limit of teams and each employee. Due dates are clear and observed, putting everybody responsible and in agreement
  • Deals with the standard undertaking of time tracking, wage calculation, invoicing and even guarantees the precision and transparency of information
  • Easily calculate estimation dates, add delays if any in projects
  • Empower employees to increase productivity, enhance efficiency and become better leaders

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