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Shift Scheduler

It is crucial to organize workers shift plans and oversee time offs, move work timings according to employee demands, track workers’ hours, advance work expenses and handle sudden changes without pressure to unite groups, keep everybody educated and fabricate a superior organization culture.

Manual method of organizing has proven to be outdated, time-consuming and tedious. Current modern automated software provides newer, simpler and automatic ways to manage workers and their work shift hours.

UrHRM, cloud based automatic system, helps in creating work schedules, determine number of work and free days, within a shift system, for employees, while taking into considerations various aspects such as shift overlap, shift change times and alignment with the clock, time-offs, training, shift differentials, vacations, etc., of workers.


  • Relegate different types of work shifts, check time-off to employees. Manage all preparation, get-away, leaves, and other off-work demands
  • Outwardly relegate supper and rest breaks, tasks, and errands of any length with basic intuitive
  • Rapidly check whether any position is finished/under staffed while making rotational shift assignments
  • Evaluate and assign employees to shifts by taking thier position, skill, and availability time into account
  • Maintain a strategic distance from complaints and guarantee consistence to aggregate haggling assertions, HR policies, and work time regulations
  • Filter/sort shift schedules and reports of employees based on their locations

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