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Employee Self-Service

It a well-established certainty that inspiration levels multiply when workers gain access to a portal that displays and enables them to perform tasks related to payroll, leave management and other data.

Employee self-service portal is fundamental in every organisation to spare work hours and increase proficiency. ESS enables representatives to deal with a wide range of HR related and work related errands that would otherwise require unneeded HR administration’s influence.

UrHRM ESS Portal is a secure platform that rearranges and streamlines numerous HR procedures whilst supplying workers and the administration groups with functional solutions. There are unlimited options to procure - better correspondence, institutionalized procedures, quicker turnaround times, straightforwardness, commitments and predominant quality with this application.

UrHRM ESS system is exclusively designed for employees allowing employees to change and review personal information such as address, contact information, and banking information, etc. – after authority’s approval.


  • Increases productivity and efficiency of employees
  • Empowers employees to submit leave requests for HR division to approve the requests
  • Employees can login to ESS system and make changes in their payroll information
  • Employees can review and submit important documents
  • Diminishes paperwork for HR representatives
  • Expanded transaction precision, due to diminished paper work
  • Lessens everyday administrative tasks for HR departments and benefits staff members, and administration which liberates them up for excessive planning, labour and so forth.

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