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Salary & Payroll Management

The Payroll Software or Salary Management Software is a computer application designed to help and automate employees’ salaries; benefits, appraisals, Govt. Taxes, Payslips, PF & ESI calculations; allowances; bonuses; deductions; advances, etc. It additionally coordinates attendance, leaves, time-offs, tax withholdings, etc., while generating salaries and salary slip of employees. The application incorporates standard templates and layouts to manage employee related documents, E-mail/SMS alert system, and more.

Avoid errors and mistakes in payrolls. Pay your employees on time. Seamlessly calculate salaries, allowances, bonuses, deductions, advances, gross and net pays, benefits, etc., using UrHRM.

It is crucial to pay employees on time. Small and medium companies which prosper to grow into organizations, require necessary tools which simply and ease operations in HR department.

UrHRM is a cloud based user-friendly application designed to help HR division to track, record and manage workers’ salaries, allowances, bonuses, deductions, advances, gross and net pay, benefits, etc. Generation of pay-slips for a particular period is made easy using this application.

The need of an automated payroll system is essential in any organization. While preventing errors in payrolls, UrHRM also ensures in reducing complicated calculations pertaining tax withholding.

Benefits of Payroll Software

  • Produce, back-up and store workers tax and finance information
  • Easy Wage and Tax Calculation
  • Allows employers to budget more effectively
  • Powerful data security to prevent spillage of delicate data
  • Speeds up the work process without requiring much assets
  • Generates monthly pay slips and reports of employees

Key Features in Payroll Management System

  • Salary Advances
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Expense Claims and Approvals
  • Income Tax Management

Salary & Advances

Needs of an employee during emergencies and necessities require attention but identifying candidate, who is genuinely eligible for an advance upon request, is difficult. Extend a hand of support to employee in need, by sanctioning an advance in salary.

UrHRM provides HR management access to review and grant approval on the Advance appeals by recognizing the person in need.

Compensation Management

Reward employees with suitable monetary or non-monetary grants using Compensation Management. This practice improves workers performance while helping them realize the value of their contributions to the organization. The conventional act of compensating the deserving candidates brings a positive effect in the representatives by affecting them to perform better while expanding their general proficiency.

Employee Benefits

To retain dedicated employees and invite creative talents, providing benefits like insurance and healthcare, besides bare minimums, are essential. EduSys helps in sanctioning and organizing benefits for workers, depending upon their rank, work performance and designation. The application considers history of bonuses, working hours, productivity and other key elements while granting benefits to employees, initiated by HR.

Expense Claims and Approvals

In organization workers often need to be reimbursed patty expense, for business travels, personal expenditure, fuel expenses etc. The cost of services opted by an employee while working require proper documentation and sanctions.

UrHRM simplifies the process of submission, estimation and approval of Expense Claims step-by-step. Computerize your association's Expense Claim submissions and sanctions with UrHRM. HR division can more likely control and oversee costs in association while decreasing the processing time for repaying workers.

Income Tax Management

Seamlessly calculate, prepare and file Tax summaries and Tax Returns of all employees, at different levels, using UrHRM. HR department can easily organize all the details and upload necessary documents of workers with this application.

What is the price of Payroll Software?

The Payroll Software price varies $0.1/month (lowest) to $20/month per Employee or annually $1000/year and more, depend on number of workforce and modules. Know UrHRM price!

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