Employee Database Management Software

Organize employee database, Manage To-do list, and Conduct Survey.


Database Management

Employee Database Management is valuable asset to strengthen communication and workflow in any organization. The best system is one which allows HR division to grant requisition approval, customize and add any desired fields to any employee, provide significant search on employee data, assist in saving time and effort, creating surveys, etc. thus, scaling reliability.

Database Management System works to record and store profile data of workers. It likewise enables the representatives to see the contact elements of fellow employees. It works in highlight which deals with access rights to different levels of employee data for various clients.

UrHRM is a comprehensive database management system that is streamlined for organizations which intend to employ cutting edge platforms, to enhance workers performance, gather employees opinions and, ultimately pick up a superior profit for ventures.

UrHRM, cloud based online system, enable organization to reserve employees’ database amid system blackouts and gadget malfunctions.


  • Increment employee commitment which eventually improves work performance
  • Secure records that incorporates data, such as workers personal details, bank statements, emergency contacts, and other crucial information
  • Improve employees’ responsibilities and accountability by marinating accurate attendance
  • Control frequency and format of feedback surveys to gather employees opinions
  • Remind workers of their objectives and drive them towards creating aptitudes and meeting due dates
  • Enhance employee-employer relationships. This ensures team work

Key Features in Employee Database Management System

  • Employee Surveys (Polls & Announcements)
  • Requisition Approval
  • Requisition Creation
  • To-do: Task Management

Employee Surveys (Polls & Announcements)

Get to know your employees better. UrHRM facilitates users to fabricate multiple-choice-polls or surveys for workers in order to collect feedback and opinions on office matters. Employees can express their thoughts to convey wisdom by answering the poll/survey.

Requisition Approval

Gaining requisition approval from HR as fast as conceivable is basic and fundamental. UrHRM aids in achieving requisitions in no time, while engaging in making an adaptable requisition approval work-process to guarantee that every partner is ready regarding the order requested.

Requisition Creation

Initiate buy orders for items that the organization is in need of, using Requisition Creation. Systemize the procedure to segregate and approve materials/necessities with help of UrHRM. Generation of purchase document, which needs to be submitted while procuring, is made easy with this application.

To-do: Task Management

Improve collaboration and proficiency of employees by utilizing Task Management to create tasks and sub-tasks, assign, and share details about work. Set reminders to prioritize work and get the projects done by deadlines. Locate, allocate and track work delegated to individuals and teams with due dates.

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