Employee Performance Management Software

Track, Analysis, and Review Employee Performance for growth of organization.


Performance Management

A compelling performance management and evaluation process is essential for mutual comprehension of how well employees contribute to association and; centers around adjusting workforce, coordinating capabilities, enhancing workers contribution and advancements.

UrHRM’s Performance Management, cloud-based online system, is not only designed to rate and appraise employees work performance, but is fabricated with sophisticated tools to help HR division to adjust organization’s workforce, enhance workers execution, bolster advancements and improvements, to ensuring desired business returns.


  • Guarantees legitimate adjustments, connection of goals and encourages powerful correspondence all through the organization
  • Assess work performance and disseminate incentives and rewards on a reasonable and compared premise
  • Facilitates HR and higher employers to send feedback to employees from a remote location
  • Evaluates good opportunities for career growth
  • Make it less demanding and quicker for administrators and HR division to finish and convey periodic reviews
  • HR professionals can evaluate employees’ strengths and weaknesses thus providing better tools for employers to assess the employee’s training and development needs

Key Features in Employee Performance Management System

  • HR Appraisals/Meeting History
  • LMS/Training Tracking
  • Career Development Planning
  • HR Analytics and Reporting

HR Appraisals/Meeting History

Boost performance of employees by evaluating and motivating the hardworking via appraisals. UrHRM helps management to propel workers with this exceedingly significant criticism platform by acknowledging their accomplishments, which rouses them to make an ideal commitment to the association.

LMS/Training Tracking

Entrants often need to be exercised and guided under supervision to learn and get accustomed with organization’s work. Create, review and watch online training programs of employees using UrHRM. Track consistency in candidates’ performance by conducting tests at end of every training session to sustain workplace with skilled and erudite employees.

Career Development Planning

Begin planning a profitable and prospect-able future of your organization NOW with UrHRM, by examining short-term and long-term goals. HR representatives delineate career situations, survey work abilities and assess talented worker to ensure a stable growth of the organization while considering employees for promotion.

HR Analytics and Reporting

Improve procedure in HR Management; thus ensuring organization to achieve its aim and objectives while making better returns on investments. UrHRM helps management in acquiring a foresight into processes by gathering and documenting data on performance of employees, management analysis, etc., for purpose to utilize it while making important decisions.

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