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Pay slips are essential and most basic salary related records for employees to know about any deductions or rewards in their pay. Furthermore, the businesses can likewise track pay parts of workers. Be that as it may, creating pay slips for every worker separately can be extremely tumultuous and tedious for HR management. Mechanizing this procedure and creating pay slips can lessen the undesirable endeavours and improve proficiency of organisation.

Entrepreneurs and supervisors have a couple of alternatives with regards to overseeing organisation's finance and employee remittances. Associations can enlist a professional to help, or automate procedures with computer programming. While hiring professional accountant is expensive and sometimes unreliable; utilising computer software, such as Payslip Generator, is often advised to oversee and purvey finances.

UrHRM Payslip module is online and cloud based automatic salary slip generator that gives straightforward solution to monitor worker data, sorting out schedules, track deductions, ascertain and print finance costs, and maintain complete salary statements of employees in form of payslips.


  • Instant access to history of payslips/ salary payments
  • Electronic payslips eliminates the risk of leaving paper payslips around the workplace for others to peruse
  • High Secure and Confidential
  • E-payslips are Eco-friendly. Reduces wastage of paper
  • Eliminate the risk of loss of slips issued in paper format
  • Generate payslips for all employees at once
  • Calculate allowances and deductions in salary
  • Allow employees to download payslips in PDF format

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