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Simple & Well-Managed System to automated onboarding & offboarding process.

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Onboarding & Off-boarding

Onboarding software is vital to ensure worker's future with the association. An incredible hiring knowledge will supply company with sufficient foresight to distinguish between candidate’s fast off-boarding and long -term, productive relationship.

Onboarding is the underlying procedure in any HR management for absorbing new candidates into association. Moreover, furnishing new employees with enough tools is important for them to prevail in their new assigned positions. An effective automated and cloud based program provides new employees with necessary assets to completely drew in and socially mindful themselves into the workforce.

UrHRM Onboarding & Offboarding system is innovation that enables organisation to conduct smooth progresses for new entrants and encourages HR division to address the requirements and worries of employees. Regularly, the system highlights a computerized mechanism that empowers hiring groups to effortlessly speak with each other and track the advancement of new hires (via training software) as they make progress with the assigned training phases.

Countries like Australia, UK, India and USA are major consumers of Employee onboarding software. Generally, organisations looking to adopt the software prefer cloud based which sorts out documents into one effortless open stage so HR don't need to seek through drives and file organizers to find onboarding, offborading and training records. Therefore, eliminating the risk of losing data/ information.


  • Onboarding systems enable HR to house all archives in a single place and exchange data seamlessly
  • Automation assisting HR in achieving profitability and productivity
  • Enhance Retention Rates by hiring skilled candidates
  • Conduct background checks on hired employees
  • Set deadlines and reminders for new employees and teams
  • Acquire access to critical employee as well as employer information
  • Easy adaptability and requires no prior training
  • Improve employee performance

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