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LMS & Training Management

A full highlighted LMS & Training Management System with an approachable methodology engages organization to setup, convey, record and track any sort of training initiatives, such as online, personal, offline, etc., solely from a computer. Retain brilliance by creating expertise based learning programs for employees. Cultivate a learning society utilizing interactive and versatile gambits for workers on desktops and smartphones.

UrHRM is a cloud-based online powerful training program management software that binds together LMS and Human Resource management to meet association's work needs and standards, by preparing candidates, staff and workforce for jobs with customisable instruction programs.

Outlined with sophisticated customizable, adaptable, and reliable platform that enables training programs to be expended and integrated on any gadget. Additionally, the application allows clients to access a genuinely installed learning background.


  • Simplifies documentation and administration, recording and tracking of initiatives and programs
  • Gives a totally customized conceptualisation to stage versatile and creative e-learning platform that conveys an incorporated and advancing learning experience
  • Online based programs infer effective virtual learning
  • Builds up the capacity to solve and fathom difficulties, empowering the act of learning with developed comprehension
  • Supplies associations with centralised platform to change and design training program portrayals, details, necessities, shapes, and to permit simple transferring of program data
  • Employers can assess workers by occasionally directing program appraisals through the LMS

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