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ID Card Generator

ID cards have turned into a significant piece in any organizations, making it conceivable to disentangle worker from guests thus improving organization's trustworthiness and security. ID cards commonly incorporate a representative's name, photograph, work title and office, making snappy individual recognizable. As innovation progresses, nonetheless, ID cards are presently being utilized in assortment of approach to enable organizations to secure relations, establish connections and streamline operations.

With the end goal to keep up an expert nearness and effortlessly distinguish the representatives inside organization, it's vital to have a great program for formulation, creation and modification of ID cards and badges, for employees at different levels. Designate employees, according to their positions in organization, with Identity cards and badges using UrHRM.

UrHRM is automatic ID card generator that facilitates HR division or correspondences to make customized Personal, Visitor, Employee and other types of ID cards for workers. This cloud based online id card maker software enables fabrication of badge/ IDs for employees and workers easy with customizable design templates.


  • Overcome the possibility of unauthorized personals entry
  • Strengthen security by limiting access to workers at different levels while permitting just those with suitable ID cards to enter
  • Track employee’s in and out timings, equipment and facility usage; thus encouraging employee accountability
  • Improve employee-customer and employer-employee relationship
  • Establish contact during emergencies using ID cards
  • Distinguish employees and visitors by issuing different ID cards for different individuals
  • Generate multiple identity cards with different barcode and text values
  • Choose background for ID card from library and, change color and font of the text to make the ID card more eye-catchys

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