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Unlimited Cloud Storage to record digital files or document.

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Document Management

Employee Document Software is an employee file management software designed to record and oversee expansive quantities of documents of all employees in a more productive manner. It is an electronic filing system that gives storage room, a recording framework and the capacity to effortlessly recover archives, while characterizing desired employees to see and cleanse reports.

UrHRM digital document management software is one of the best HR systems that empowers association to seamlessly document data relating to employee's finance, representative relations, experience, skill, qualification, contact information, etc. This cloud-based system is online, automated, productive, highly secure and robust.


  • Enable employees to seamlessly access, review, modify, and share documents
  • Reliable and High security
  • Paperless advantage reduces cost expenses
  • Record documents according to preferences: file names, categories, subcategories, keywords, and other metadata variables
  • Reduces Storage Space and improves Regulatory Compliance
  • Enhance and improve workflow
  • Enhance business forms, diminish expenses, and counteract genuine misfortunes. This helps associations to effectively add to business aggressiveness and goals

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