Employee Attendance Management Software

Track real-time employees attendance with cloud portal & biometric (fingerprint).


Time & Attendance Management

Manual attendance stamping is strenuous and time-consuming. While adapting to the traditional manual tracking method problems like human error, imposter punching and fraudulent time keeping are bound to arise. Thus, employing a completely computerized time-tracking programming is fundamental to resolve such issues and ensure profitability and productivity in association.

UrHRM is a cloud based automated online system designed efficiently to record attendance of employees and help HR administration to save expenses on handy labor. Automatic calculation of overtimes, leave balances, time-offs, vacations, etc., provides HR with sufficient reports while calculating salary payments, employee reviews and appraisals.

The application techniques to monitor regularity of employees can be founded on month to month enroll, every day attendance register or through swipe card or biometric system.


  • Centralized Attendance Tracking System
  • Real-time Monitoring System
  • Employee-wise Attendance Marking and Processing
  • Effectively manage Multiple and Overnight Shifts of Employee
  • Immediate Notifications
  • Live Attendance Tracking
  • Schedule Reports
  • Payroll Integration

Key Features in Employee Attendance Management System

  • Onboard and Off-board Tracking
  • Time Clock & Timesheets

Onboard and Off-board Tracking

Track and document data of employee right from his/her joining-date until their termination/resignation day. Use UrHRM to enlist new joiners while Onboarding and erase the discontinuing while Off-boarding, to ensure the candidates compliance with the company’s rules and regulations.

Time Clock & Timesheets

Upgrade to more cultivated method to track working hours of employees. Conventional process required workers to manually get their timecard punched on a machine with time on it. With UrHRM, remain within a spending plan and avoid getting manipulated by the old-fashioned timesheet cushioning.

Constantly work travelling employees can be tracked using UrHRM with modern day GPS smart devices.

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