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Appraisal & Compensation Management

Compensation Management Software enables associations to design and direct representative remuneration bundles. The framework is designed to oversee pay rates, create justify lattices, and give an account of organization’s payment information. Associations can utilize it to see and change pay arrangements, plan worker rewards, and suggest modifications in employee salary.

Compensation Management Software is most regularly actualized by HR individuals to empower administrators to create streamlined pay methodologies for their groups. With this, associations can guarantee fair salary and advance pays for employee. The application can be executed either as an independent arrangement or as a component of a coordinated HR administration suite.

UrHRM Compensation systems additionally incorporate Appraisal Management, alongside all the regular features, to boost performance of employees by acknowledging their accomplishments, subsequently rousing them to make an ideal commitment to the association.


  • Compensation and Appraisal bolsters an association to stay aggressive in the present work advertise and guarantee manageability later on
  • Enhance workers performance, coordination and communication
  • Eliminate wages calculation by hand or through Excel sheets; the Compensation management framework deals with every vital payment calculation continuously, enabling clients to rapidly and effortlessly direct pays
  • Automation ability of the system gives it an advantage to simply procedures at any level
  • Cloud-based feature provides system with utmost maximum security
  • Enables easy calculation of spreadsheets, salaries of employees, pay slips, etc.
  • Organizations get to know about the workforce and contain all the important data about workers execution while making proper pay suggestions
  • Recognise, reward and retain hardworking employees

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