What is SDET? Job description, Salary, Role and Responsibilities

What is SDET? Job description, Salary, Role and Responsibilities

SDET is an acronym for Software Development Engineer in Testing whose title-term traces back to Microsoft and is used to describe a person who is responsible for the development of software product right from designing, implementing, till testing of the system. He/she with the title possess high-level knowledge in front-end and back-end application planning and performance testing.

The SDET job title was first seen using in the technology company, Microsoft Corporation. Nowadays, the term has become traditional in big tech giant organizations such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google. The IT professionals who hold the position are often mistaken with the regular testers in many aspects including Job description, salary, role & responsibilities, skill set, and many more. Unlike the manual testers, who only possess knowledge in testing the life cycle of the software and, preparing and executing various test cases/codes, an SD Engineer requires an in-depth understanding of the software development, management of the application’s code, as well as testing of the product.


Job Description of SDET

The general job profile/ job description of SDET is:

  • Support QA test cycles to include Manual and Automated tests
  • Collaborate with Dev, QA, and Product Management team to supply the deliverables on time
  • Debug test failures and scripts to identify flaws in the system
  • Work alongside the testing team to report, manage, and resolve bugs in the system
  • Perform and evaluate manual and automated testing
  • Create, plan, and design automation tests of the system
  • Mentor the development and testing team for best automation practices, design, performance, and implementation
  • Knowledge of Selenium Automation Test Tool, .NET, C# Programming Language, Test Automation, Java, and other related software applications
  • Experience in the mobile app (iOS & Android) development and test automation

Role and Responsibilities of SDET

  • Ability to perform Test Automation
  • Design, plan, and set up a system on multiple application platforms like Web, Mobile, and Desktop
  • Coordinate with the support team to investigate customer's technical problems/ difficulties
  • An SDET professional must have management skills to interact with the development team to manage and resolve bug reports
  • Capacity to build different test scenarios and evaluate the results
  • Ability to conduct technical communications with clients to resolve their issues
  • An SDET professional must be able to set up, maintain, and operate test automation frameworks

The average salary of SDET Professional

The average annual salary for a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) varies between ₹5,00,000 - ₹7,00,00 in India, whereas in the US the pay varies between USD70,000 - USD80,000 in the USA.

date  12 Jun 2019

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