5+ Best Staffing Agency Software (2019) – Automate Payroll, Recruitment, Scheduling, and lot more

5+ Best Staffing Agency Software (2019) – Automate Payroll, Recruitment, Scheduling, and lot more

The Staffing Agency Software is an all-in-one recruiting and staffing tool designed for staffing firms that dedicatedly collaborate with various business companies to work as third-party talent solution providers by supplying and recommending the best, experienced, and fresher candidates, on temporary or permanent bases, for job vacancies in the organization according to the needs and requirements of the association. The software eliminates paper-dependency in the agencies by implementing automated solutions to digitize crucial hiring procedures with Payroll, Recruitment, CRM (Customer-relationship Management), ATS (Application Tracking System) and other systems.

The constantly changing HR Trends and, requirements for the best talent in market fields such as IT & Software, Medicine, Nursing, Banking & Finance, and others are becoming too complex for corporate and business organizations to handle. With already too much at hand, these organizations are boldly engaging in a contract with third-party staffing firms, which have flexible and innovative HRIS resources at hand, to seek employees and ease a few procedures in the HR Department. Thus, the necessity for the agencies to adopt innovative technology and software application to provide cost-efficient, reliable, and productive services for their clients is imperative to build trust and brand.

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Best Software Applications for Staffing Agency

  1. Recruitment Management Software System

The Recruitment Software for staffing agency not only allows the association to hire the best employees for their client but also aids in bringing candidates onboard in their own company as well. The system automates job postings on multiple platforms, organizes and tracks applicant lists, shortlists CVs/ Resumes from a pool of applicants, arranges documents of job seekers, and much more.

  1. Payroll Management System

The Payroll Management System/ Salary Software readily complies with the organization's requirements and extended offers proving the staffing agencies necessary salary information for a job opening. Moreover, the system enables the agency to manage pays and generate payslips for the employees in their association easily. 

  1. Application Tracking System (ATS)

The Application Tracking System (ATS) is an integral part of Recruitment Management designed to empower the staffing agencies as well as business companies to simplify hiring and onboarding procedures by allowing the associations to track, evaluate, and select the right candidate for a job opening. Moreover, the system automates meeting and interview scheduling, sends automatic message reminders, allows job seekers to view their application status online, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  

  1. Candidate Document & Database Management System

The Document & Database Management System allows organizations and staffing agencies to organize, document, streamline, and maintain job seekers/ employee essential records relating to compensation, candidate profile, payment/ salary, educational and experience documents, benefits, previous company details, etc.

  1. Feedback/ Helpdesk/ Ticketing System

It is essential for staffing agencies to collect feedback from clients and candidates. This allows associations to perform at their best and respond to the queries of people using an effective CRM System. The system additionally automates Email responses, call forwarding, feedback form creation, ticket rising, etc.

How much does Staffing Agency Software cost?

Generally, the Staffing Agency Software costs around 5 USD - 20 USD per candidate per month. Moreover, the price of the software depends on the service vendor and the agency.

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date  06 May 2019

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