What are the formalities/ procedures of new employee joining?

What are the formalities/ procedures of new employee joining?

Structuring and laying down a detailed pre-joining checklist for a forthcoming hire with essential formalities/ procedures of new employee joining, beforehand, is imperative for the Human Resources (HR) in an organization to provide a positive orientation and onboarding experience to the new joiner.

Listed below are common formalities/ procedures of new employee joining

Employee Documents Submission

  • Offer/ appointment letter containing the Date of Joining, Annual CTC, Monthly Salary, etc.
  • Resume/ CV (if necessary)
  • Previous Employment Records
  • Work Experience Documents: Relieving Letter, Payslips, etc.
  • Educational Certificates and Documents
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photographs
  • Identity & Address Proof: Driving License, Passport, etc.

Post-submission and Verification Formalities by HR:

Collecting and organizing joining forms, documents, etc., aren’t the only aspects of employee joining formalities. The HR personals have a huge responsibility of creating good HR policies that provide a comfortable and confusion-free atmosphere for the new hire during his/her first few days at the office. Thus, making a proper onboarding checklist helps is systemizing the joining procedures.

  • Present an Offer letter to the candidate
  • Take the approval of the candidate on joining form and his/her compliance with the HR policies of the company
  • Collect signature on Service and Confidentiality Agreement, and on other necessary documents
  • Organize and collect employee documents
  • Introduce the candidate to the team
  • Organize an orientation explaining about the company, its mission, etc.
  • Allot a cabin/ cubicle/ workstation for the new hire
  • Give a tour of the company
  • Provide the new joiner an ID card

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