5+ Indoor Fun Games for Employees at Office (2019)

5+ Indoor Fun Games for Employees at Office (2019)

It is always good to have a bit of amusement and fun at the office. Bombarding employees with work and no-entertainment tends to make them restless and edgy, which not only puts them in stress but also jeopardizes their work productivity. Occasionally conducting team building Indoor fun games for employees at office brings out a creative and productive work environment that enhances out-of-the-box thinking ideas, improves communication among fellow peers, engages workforce to participate as a team, boosts employees’ confidence and morale, paves path to equality and mutual respect, and shows positive effect on the workers productivity.

Musical Chairs

Old but very effective! Musical Chairs game has been around for ages and never has it failed to fulfill its motto. As a kid, many of us recall laughing at the joyful mishaps with friends while playing the game. Recreating such a joyful atmosphere not only brings out kids in employees but also puts big smiles on their faces. The eagerness to sit on a chair (a contrary feeling of many corporate employees stuck on a desk!) at unexpected-stop of the music beat pumps enthusiasm and excitement!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt, which is typically played outdoors, doesn’t necessarily need to be played outside. This game greatly requires teamwork and collaboration thus, encouraging employees to participate in the activity builds sportsman spirit, togetherness, and mutualism.

Egg-and-spoon Race

The Egg-and-spoon Race is one of those activities that require precision, patience, motivation, and accuracy. The game inspires participants to encourage their fellow team member. Motivating employees to participate in the game increases their focus and builds confidence.


The trending and modern singing game, Karaoke, is the most popular musical game that turns anyone into a signer. Originally invented in Japan, the game is a fun and innovative platform to motivate talents. The game is the best stage for people struggling with stage fear. The game involves a participant(s) mimicking song lyrics, running on a screen, into a mike in front of a crowd.

Board Games

The ancient and oldest of indoor games, the Board Games such as Snake-and-Latter, Ludo, Chess, Business, and many, are losing their value in the current video gaming era. These games often enhance team collaboration, interaction, and thinking-capacity of mind. Encouraging employees to play such board games improves their decision-making abilities, thinking capacity, and shows a positive impact on their productivity.

date  13 May 2019

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