4+ HR Trends 2019 - Upgrade Your Workforce Ecosystem

4+ HR Trends 2019 - Upgrade Your Workforce Ecosystem

The article describes the latest HR Trends in 2019. The recent trends in human resources help, support and encourage the business organisation as well as the general population to overcome the challenges in Human Capital Management, improve understanding of latest developments in hr technology such as HRMS, HCM, ERP, LMS, etc., and, how to utilize these emerging trends to enhance and achieve progress and become pioneers in the business.

Constant developments in AI technology (artificial intelligence), machine learning, IoT (Internet of Things), augmented reality and, ERP Software have already brought about innovative and newer tech trends in HR (and will continue to do so in the future!) to provide automated solutions and simplify a bunch traditional HR practices right from recruitment to retirement.

Listed below are 5 latest and emerging global HR technology trends:

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing technology, ever since its invention, have been revolutionizing the data storage. Earlier, HR and organizations relied on papers and computer drives to manage and organize information and data. These paper-based and manual storage methods had risks like data loss or accidental information deletions. Thus, business companies moved on to forever data storage methods using Cloud technology.

Ever since the Cloud-based systems took over the conventional database management, HR representatives have been able to store, record and oversee extensive data/ documents of employees and the organization in a more productive manner from anywhere at any time.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Business companies are progressively investing in AI trend to manage their organization’s data more efficiently, improve inner work processes, enhance profitability and, boost performance. Unlike any other technology, this particular one is massive as it is accurate and unbiased. AI-driven computer programing systems constantly improve themselves according to the changes and requirements of the association.

AI has the potential to speedup, automate and, computerize each and every operation in the Human Resources from talent acquisition to recruitment management and this is just the tip of the iceberg. With Artificial Intelligence, organizations can cut down on unwanted and excessive workforce and subsequently save money.

Automation: Automated ERP Software – HRMS, HCM and HRIS

Automation, a technology that requires minimum human assistance to automatically computes and performs the process on command, is a tech trend that perked into every sector including Human Resources.

ERP Software for HR – HRMS, HCM, and HRIS Software – is a perfect example of integration between human resource management (HRM) and automation technology. The systems ease the complexities in overseeing HR activities such as employee payroll management, talent acquisition, recruitment etc., by automatically performing them.

LMS (Learning Management System): Online E-learning

LMS and Training Management, an e-learning trend, is being utilized by many business organizations to train new hires and employees online. The web-based learning technology allows the association to setup courses, train candidates, record and track their activities over the internet. With it, organizations can develop a smart platform using intuitive and flexible gambits to prepare the employees for the work before they even begin working at the company.

ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

The Application Tracking System (ATS) technology is used by the HR personals to automate and speedup the procedures of sorting out and hiring potential candidates from a pool of applicant. It is designed to track the applicants throughout the recruitment process and procedure right from the interview to contract signing.

date  18 Mar 2019

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