HR Executive vs HR Manager - Salary, Role & Responsibility

HR Executive vs HR Manager - Salary, Role & Responsibility

The competition and difference between HR Executive vs HR Manager are better understood upon differentiating their salary, role & responsibility, and power. While they both work in the Human Resources department, their qualifications, requirements and, level differs from each other.

Both the HR Executive and HR Manager are mainly responsible for keeping up with the latest changing HR Trends and looking after the recruitment, administration and, management tasks in the HR division; however, have distinctive dimensions of power and duty when it comes to authority in an organization.

HR Executive and HR Manager Salary Difference

Difference Based on: HR Executive HR Manager
Average Salary 150,000 - 200,000 Dollars per Year 70,000 - 120,000 Dollars per Year
Educational Qualification Master's or MBA in Human Resources related course Bachelor's degree

Roles and Responsibilities of HR Executive and HR Manager

HR Executive HR Manager
Looks after Employee Payroll, Compensation, Training, Recruitment and various other crucial tasks Looks after Employee Recruitment, Performance, Project management, Appraisal, Leaves, and various other employee related activities
Evaluates and analysis work of employee teams, groups, and candidates Generally, responsible for allocating and overseeing the work of employees
HR Executive reports to higher authorities such as CEOs HR Manager reports to the HR Executive
Oversees work done by HR managers in an organization Oversees work done by employees in an organization
Develops company policies and programs Looks to it that all the employees follow the policies and programs
Acts as intermediate between chief officers and junior executives Acts as intermediate between HR Executives and employees
Responsible for decision-making in employee related matters Organize and coordinate employees requests
Convey employee requests to higher management Convey employee requests and issues to HR Executives
Resolve major issues and concerns of employees Resolve and address minor issues and concerns of employees
Manage the workforce of the whole organization Team/ group level workforce management
Creating Benefit Plan for employees Reviewing Benefits Plan made by HR Executives
date  26 Mar 2019

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