What is HR Chatbot & AI? Benefits and Features

What is HR Chatbot & AI? Benefits and Features

The HR Chatbot & AI is a sophisticated communications assistant when combined with Artificial Intelligence technology empowers the Human Resources to generate quick, free, and automated responses on a computerized chat interface to collect feedbacks, answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) and, respond to common complaints and issues of candidates in text formats without any human interference.

Why Use HR Chatbot & AI?

Nowadays business organizations are utilizing the latest HR Software with HR Chatbot & AI software to resolve the gaps of difficulties in communication with their customers and workers. The difficulty could be between a vendor and a customer, or an employee and an employer! In any case, reaching out to every individual for, or during, trivial inquires is laborious and time-consuming. Thus, employing an automated platform to answer users’ common FAQs and general inquiries, at the same time give them a human-like conversational experience in textual format on an online chat interface is essential to saves money, reduces manpower, and increases efficiency.

The automated Chatbots stay neutral and undiscriminating while sending out appropriate answer to a user’s query. This making the candidates feel comfortable to ask any sort of questions without hesitation. Unlike humans, the software is not prone to tiredness or restlessness, which makes it a perfect helpdesk and support personnel. Additionally, it contains tools to pass on any sort of information and messages for common inquiries in bulk regarding recruitment, onboarding, screening, HR & company policies, employee training, application tracking and, other vital organizational procedures to hire and retain employees. This way the HR individuals can concentrate more on important work, knowing the candidates’ requirements, inquires, and complaints are well responded by the software.

HR Chatbot Benefits

  • Reduces human errors and conveys right messages
  • Fast, instant and accurate response messages to common FAQs
  • Saves times and effort of HR
  • Eliminates the risk of sending out wrong answers
  • Simplifies training procedures of employees by allowing the candidates to ask questions at any time
  • Allows HR Personals to screen and evaluate employees with a series of necessary questions
  • Improves transparency and compliance procedures
  • Improves productivity, performance, and efficiency of employees
  • Performs multiple works, which requires extensive support teams, in a single go

HR Chatbot Features

  • Cloud and Web-based data storage
  • 24X7 support
  • Unlimited data backup
  • Easy customization
  • Real-time tracking
  • Simple-to-use and cost-efficient
date  15 Apr 2019

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