Geo Attendance Software, App | Track Time & GPS Geolocation

Geo Attendance Software, App | Track Time & GPS Geolocation

Geo Attendance Software is a location and GPS based employee attendance and time tracking system app designed for the service company and business organizations to track activities, work, and whereabouts of employees who are inside the association or on the field. It simplifies workforce and HCM management by letting the officials and field manager monitor the regularity of workers with time clock and biometric system, and trace their location precisely using a mobile tracker.

It is a typical field workforce management software to enable organizations to monitor and track workers attendance, logins and logouts at a work area remotely from any place on a smart device by creating a geo-fencing – a virtual geographic boundary – around the job site.

Benefits of Geo Attendance Software

  • Track field workers and in-office employees precisely using GPS tracking
  • Record time-in, time-outs, leaves and attendance of workers
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Remote employee Attendance tacking
  • Get better insight into employees work and improve decision-making
  • Evaluate workers performance and work reports
  • Monitor employees remotely from any location
  • Integrate with Punching and Time clocks
  • Improve productivity and performance of workers
  • Integrate with Payroll and Leave Management System

Geo Attendance Tracking with UrHRM

UrHRM – HR & Payroll Software – incorporates modern GPS technology into its attendance and workforce management modules to empower business associations with geolocation capabilities to manage and look after the workforce and the workplace remotely from any location.

Additionally, the software integrates with other crucial modules that manage payrolls, leaves, compensations, and database of employees while calculating and generating salary payslips, grating time-offs, paying the reimbursement and organizing workers information respectively.

Routine attendance tracking software that utilizes just Biometric and RFID based systems are constrained to limitation and do not scale to the necessities of a topographically dispersed organization and its diverse field workforce.

The modules in UrHRM flawlessly eliminates the manual paper-based time and attendance management by seamlessly coordinating employee punch clock, RFID swipe cards, and biometric systems with GPS.

date  05 Jun 2019

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