6+ Best iOS & Android Apps for HR professionals (2019)

6+ Best iOS & Android Apps for HR professionals (2019)

The constantly developing iOS and Android smartphone and mobile application technologies are providing better apps for HR professionals to oversee crucial tasks such as managing workforce, conducting day-to-day administrative activities with daily planner app, automating employee attendance tracking with biometric and time clock app, evaluate workers’ performance, scheduling meetings/ interviews with CRM, simplifying recruitment and onboarding procedures, etc., with easy-accessible and compactable HRIS software systems.

Currently, all the HR & Payroll Software vendors are actively adapting to the changing market demands, implementing automation tools, and utilising mobile app platform to provide organizations simple-to-use and portable access to the software, thereby empowering HR managers and executives with the capabilities to manage, organise, digitize, and review information and data on a smart devices such as Android tablets/ phones, IPads, iPhones, etc., remotely from anywhere at any time.

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Important Mobile Apps for HR Professionals

Document Management App

HR software applications include simple Document Management App for HR personnel to digitize manual paper documentation procedures by allowing them to store and record essential data relating to employees’ finances, payrolls, experience, skill set, qualifications, contact information, etc., online. Moreover, the app enables the workers and managers to view the information from anywhere using a mobile device with proper credentials.

Application Tracking App

Having an Application Tracking App while recruiting reduces the hiring work and simplifies onboarding procedures for the HR professionals. The ATS is capable of automatically arranging, shortlisting, evaluating, and displaying the right candidates from a pool of applicants by keywords, such as skill set, educational qualifications, location, work experience, etc. Moreover, the app empowering the HR individuals to track the top applications & talents, schedule interviews, automate messages and much more, by just using a smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

Attendance Tracking App

Utilizing the Time Card/ Biometric/ GPS based Attendance Tracking Apps simplify monitoring of the clock in clock out timings of employees. The app records and documents entry and exit times of workers precisely thereby eliminating of risk of manipulation and imposter punching. The stored attendance data is easily transmittable and accessible for the HR as well as employees to review on any smart mobile device. Furthermore, the recorded data helps the HR department in crucial decision-making relating to employees; evaluate workers performance; payroll/ salary calculations, etc.

Shift Scheduling App

The Shift Scheduling App eliminates the manual paper processes of work allocation by allowing the HR managers to organize, manage, and oversee employee work shifts, complex daily planners, working hours, etc., whilst preventing complicated scenarios such shift overlaps, overtimes, and many more. Additionally, the mobile app authorizes works to check shift timings, request changes in working hours, etc.

Leave Management App

With the Leave Management App, HR management can guarantee consistency with leave arrangements, ensure the accessibility of substitute workers, manage time-offs balances of employees, grant/ reject paid or unpaid leaves/ vacations, etc. Moreover, the app allows employees to request leave online, review past and available time-offs, and so much more on mobile phones.

Employee Payroll Management App

The HR and Payroll mobile apps save HR executives a lot of time by automating employee salary calculations, Taxes computation, payslip generation, deductions, bonus and compensation management, advance sanctions, etc. The app takes into consideration workers’ attendance, leaves & time-offs, etc., while calculating pays. In addition, the application allows employees to view their monthly salary, gross and net pay, benefits, tax deductions, LOPs and many more.

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date  08 May 2019

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