What is Application Tracking Software (ATS)? Features, Benefits, Usage

What is Application Tracking Software (ATS)? Features, Benefits, Usage

The Application Tracking Software (ATS) system is one of the recruitment and hiring tools used by the HR personals to automate, speedup and, disentangle the procedures involved in finding and selecting talented and potential applicants from a great pool of jobseekers list.

What does a applicant tracking system do?

An applicant tracking system composes and makes accessible data of a potential hire or a candidate easy. The main purpose of an ATS is to track the applicants throughout the employment procedure right from the interview to the contract signing process.

Top applicant tracking systems in 2017 and 2018, such as UrHRM, are credited for seamlessly enabling the recruiters and hiring managers to deal with the selection and recruitment management processes by automating job postings, bringing candidates onboard, displaying rank applicants by keywords, such as skills, location, work experience etc., and filtering resume.

Why use an applicant tracking system?

Nowadays, applying for a job online has become very popular. With this, companies often tend to receive ton and tons of applications for a job opening. Some among the applicants are unqualified while the others are highly valuable to lose. The applicant tracking system acts as an intermediary between the aspirant and the recruiter by assessing all the applications, disregarding the unqualified ones and then displaying only the top and qualified candidates to the HR.

With the ATS, HR board can likewise uncover and compose qualified hires from the pool of candidates automatically. The ATS likewise filters and organizes resumes automatically subsequently, cutting down the time spent by the HR people on sorting CVs manually.

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Application Tracking System Features

  • Advanced search preferences to locate the right candidates from a pool of applicants
  • Source candidates automatically by entering required skills, education, work experience etc., in the preferences
  • Online job posting
  • Centralize employment and resume database
  • Filter candidate database, mark notes, and set reminders for future action
  • Increase quality per hire by filtering and organizing resumes automatically
  • LMS Integration
  • Instantly sort, store and track applicants data
  • Schedule interviews and meetings
  • Send automatic reminders, E-mails, and notifications to the candidates
  • Electronic contract signing

Benefits of Application Tracking System

  • Stay aware of the changing recruitment trends
  • Automates, standardizes and, centralizes recruitment and hiring procedures
  • Saves time by automating job board posting, resume filtering, interview and screening procedure
  • Streamlines and automates the recruitment management
  • Boosts the performance and brand of the company
  • Cost-efficient and improves the cost as well as quality per hire
  • Enhances communication with job seekers
  • Analytics and recruitment reporting
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date  07 Mar 2019

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